5 dumb
200 double sided cards
1 timer

Earn cards by successfully guessing phrases. The team with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Hold the mouthpiece so that the wide side of the curved wings is closest to your mouth.

Slide one wing between your lips and teeth on one side so that it touches the inside of your cheek.

Repeat the phrase until your teammates successfully guess it. Feel free to “speak” with your hands, but not with facial expressions!

After your teammates guess the phrase correctly, place the card in front of you. Draw another card and continue playing until the timer runs out.

You can pass the phrase; But note that the other team will get this card if you do.

After the timer runs out, remove your mouthpiece, keep the cards your teammates have drawn, and pass them to the other team.

Now it’s the second team’s turn. After each player has completed two turns, the game ends.

Age: 16 +

Meets European standards, certified CE, EN71